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a young adult (21-39) in the Twin Cities who was baptized Catholic and…

... loves the Church.

... hates the Church.

... feels indifferent about the Church.

… is trying to figure out what to think about the Church.

Discuss with Us

January 14, 2020 at 7pm

location: Basilica of St. Mary

We wanted to hear the perspectives of Twin Cities young adults who were baptized (but may or may not be currently practicing) Catholics.

We wanted to hear

your voice

so that this Archdiocese will hear

our voices.

Thanks to everyone who joined us for a discussion on the state of the Church. You told us us what’s right, what’s wrong, and what we need to be more open about discussing. We're not here to evangelize you. We're here to hear you. 

This event was sponsored by YArespond, which is…

… not formally affiliated with this Archdiocese.

… responsible for the 8 recommendations in the wake of the clergy abuse crises sent to the Archdiocese in 2018, which resulted in a number of responses from the Archbishop and concrete local change.

… a group of local Catholic young adults invested in real dialogue and empowering every voice.

The Event

What to expect

a brief overview of YArespond

what's happening in the local Church

(including the Synod)

a survey on your perspectives

time to discuss and take account of each voice

What to Expect

This event and the Synod

This event was not affiliated with the Synod currently underway in the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis, though its goal, in part, is to gather and hear voices that may not be inclined to attend Synod events so that they may be heard and accounted for. We recommend that participants, in addition, attend one of the Synod listening sessions. 

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