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For a conversation.

When we are not engaged in projects, we host bi-monthly discussions for Catholic young adults interested in education and dialogue, so as to be prepared when the need for a project-based response arises.

Often, we'll invite members of the community who have training, backgrounds, and perspectives that can help us think through these questions more deeply. All Catholic young adults are invited to join us. We just ask that you review our participant agreement before joining. 

Our Discussion Participant Agreement

I understand that the primary purpose of these discussion evenings is to learn from the perspectives of the invited speaker. I understand that while there is a time for debate and to challenge perspectives, this is not the primary purpose of these events, and I will respect the boundaries of both the speaker and the other attendees. If and when disagreement arises in the context of these events, I will engage with love, humility, care, and respect. I understand and will respect that the primary purpose of these evenings is not to "evangelize" or educate our invited speakers, but to learn from them and ask questions to better understand their perspectives. Because of the sensitive nature of these issues, if I am asked to leave for the evening or to refrain from a line of questioning or argument, I will do so promptly and respectfully. Further, I understand that information may be shared which may be private and, unless mandated by law or a concern for the physical safety of others, I will not share personal information discussed in these events with the media or the public without prior written permission from YArespond's leadership.

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